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Top 10 Referers

Kylie Ireland & Riley Shy

Kylie, a Wife Switch veteran, is back with her new man, Tyler. This time around they pair off with Dominic and Riley, newlyweds who are swinging for the first time. Riley starts off pretty nervous, but once she gets a taste of Tyler's cock, the slut within reveals herself in a hurry. See full-length episode at

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Posted: 00:00, 2010-Oct-16
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The Dagger's and The Lyn's - Hi Def

CJ's wife was reluctant at first. Once things got started Rachel and Bianca were far from shy. After getting each other off it was time for the guys. CJ & Jack were happy to dive in deep and shoot their loads. Stop by and see all the wet and wild action! See full-length episode at

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Posted: 00:00, 2010-Sep-29
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Mika Tan & Lexi Lamour

Ethan, Lexi, Mika and Randy were trading houses as part of a two week vacation for both couples. Lexi couldn't help but bring her and Ethan's swinging past... which is all it took to get everybody's juices flowing. See full-length episode at

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Posted: 00:00, 2010-Aug-16
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The Hunter's and The Sunn's - Hi Def

Fucking the same person every night can get a bit stale. So Jay and Justin decided to switch things up. A little fresh meat for Nikki and Sarah and some tasty new pussy for themselves. Throw in some wife on wife action and everybody's happy! See full-length episode at

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Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jul-16
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Audrey Hollander & Ms Platinum

Wife Switch regulars Audrey and Otto are back, this time pairing off with Lee and Platinum. The ladies kick things off with a little lesbian action, but the real fun doesn't begin until Lee rams his monstrous member down Audrey's gag-reflex-free throat! See full-length episode at

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Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jun-17
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The Stones & The Reeses

Sara was a little nervous that she might get jealous during their swinging session with Kylee and Joey, but once Joey pulled out his meat missile, her inhibitions went away faster than you can say "suck my cock, baby!" See full-length episode at

[tags]Bigcock, Bigtits, Blowjob, Hardcore, Natural boobs, Smalltitts, Tattoo, Piercing, Swingers, Blonde, Brunette, Shaved[/tags]


Posted: 00:00, 2010-May-20
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The Loves & The Maries

Returning swingers Lexi, Phoenix, Derrick and Rocco are back for more. After the girls play with each other a bit, they give each others' hubbies a ride until it all ends in two shapely asses getting covered in spunk! See full-length episode at

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Posted: 00:00, 2010-Apr-24
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The bitch gets noisy

Marilyn is someone's wife and mother but right now all she wants to be is a dirty little fuckslut. She's picked up a guy and gone back to his motel room and she's about to get a big cock fucking she'll never forget. Jump into the action and watch this babe turn bad.

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Posted: 17:00, 2010-Apr-18
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This slut sure can fuck

We never did find out what Cordula does for a living but it's our bet that she's a high-class whore and she fucked our guy just because she needed some extra cock to keep her pussy happy. Whatever she does through the day she sure can fuck her brains out in front of the camera and once she started there was no stopping her. It's raw and nasty fucking and just what you want to see.

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Posted: 17:00, 2010-Apr-4
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She fucks hard and dirty

Amanda has a craving for cock that her old man can never satisfy and when he's not around she's gonna cheat on him every chance she gets. Right now she's got some fresh cock from the guy next door and she's gonna fuck her brains out. Watch the action as this slut gets some seriously hard fucking.

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Posted: 16:00, 2010-Mar-21
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Big ass MILF gets fucked

Big ass MILF gets fucked

If you’ve ever had the urge to fuck a MILF then here’s one horny MILF that youd love to get your cock into. She’s a realtor and the guys she’s been showing in the has been turning her on. He seem’s to be pretty popular with the college girls so she wants to try him out for herself. He might not have fucked an older woman before but by the time Victoria is finished with him he may not want to waste any more time on a bunch of college girls.

By the time Victoria’s son is out, she call on the hunk dude that she really want. Not long before the guy arrive at Victoria’s place. She immediately bring him in the bedroom then pulls out his dick and give the best blowjob of his life. Victoria handle his penis very well. Then he turns back the favor by licking her shaved wet pussy. Soon, she bends over and he pounded Victoria’s pussy from behind. She moans from pleasure everytime he slap her big round butt.

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Posted: 18:46, 2010-Feb-9
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Hot MILF got boobs

Hot MILF got boobs

What can we say about this mommy other than the fact that she loves to fuck. Bailey was alone in the house while her husband and kids go out for camping. We visit her at her place and she let us in. She offered drinks but we told her that we want her big tits. She was shocked at first but then Bailey showed us all about big boobs, when she took out her two lovely funbags and played with them a little. Then it was up to our guy to have a little fun.

Watching Bailey playing her big tits, our guy’s cock aroused. He couldn??t keep his eyes off of them, even he was masturbating. Not long before he couldn’t resist the temptation, so he jumped in and help her play those big breasts of her. He really got a thing on big tits, even when he was pounding this hot moms shaved pussy. After some serious pounding, he had to drench those tits with a huge sticky cumload. The best part of it is Bailey cleans up his hard dick.

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Posted: 20:04, 2010-Jan-28
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Selena Steele gets fucked

Busty MILF gets fucked

Selena Steele got married and popped out a daughter. Once that happened her hubby lost interest in her. Even though it gave her a juicy set of boobs and a sweet, spankable butt. When Selena found herself getting upset she confided in her daughter looking for some compassion. To bad the daughter took after dad. She told her mom that maybe dad is right and maybe she should just leave.

For weeks Selena tried desperately to find a way to get back at both of them at the same time. One fateful day the opportunity presented itself. Selena??s daughter invited her boyfriend over. She was dating him to make daddy mad and Selena wondered if he has big cock. Selena really loves young cocks. So she tempted him with a set of tits the size of melons. It didn??t take long for him to come around. Soon, she got his big young penis in to her mouth. She gives him the best blowjob of his life. Then she spread her legs and pussy hole letting him to stick his big penis inside her. He keeps of fucking her and Selena moans from pleasure. In the end Selena is down on her knees and he blew his creamy jizz in to her mouth.

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Posted: 18:51, 2010-Jan-26
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Extreme Girl Digs Her Tounge Deep Down That Buttcrack

This x-rated rocker hottie sure lick some butt! In this awesome butt-cleaning video, everybody’s gonna see her tongue as it was crawling slowly on our man’ hairy ass ?? in great detail. She surely loves doing more than just getting his man’s penis in her pussy, because she makes it extra hard by stuffing her licker as deep as it could get in between that buttcrack. She’s a total anal addict, slurping her way until her man just started suctioning bedsheet in his asshole. That’s why she got drilled so raunchy in return, leaving her in a cumshot mess.

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Posted: 22:41, 2010-Jan-19
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Girlfriends Can’t Get Enough Of Licking Ass

These two dirty sluts get together for a day of feeding to each other’s tight buttholes, crawling their wet tongues on those sensitive shitters to their heart’s delight! An ebony’s and a blonde’s assholes are what we focused in this ass-licking porn video, and these two surely did what they do best. First, the blonde got her girlfriend spread her legs, giving her an exclusive access to her black asshole. She drilled that black hole with her mouth ’til she’s literally tasting it on her lips. The black chick returned the favor and also made love on that pink shithole with her tongue. They got it off so steamy in this nice video!

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Posted: 19:29, 2010-Jan-18
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Hot Blonde Let Herself Clean Her Man’s Asshole

Check out this asshole-lovin’ hot girl who’s willing to slurp our mate’s butthole for the rest of the day. Nikki can’t think of anything else to pump up her porn career, so we thought she’d like to lick ass for a change ?? more career, more cash. She was hesitant at first so she went down on her knees and sucked her man’s curvy schlong. But here, sluts like her do more than just that. She still found herself stuffing her wet tongue as deep as it could down that asshole, cleaning and reaming all the way. Of course she gets a very hard ass fuck in return, slamming her own pink pooper ’til she all collected jizz on her face.

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Posted: 21:31, 2010-Jan-11
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Sassy Girl Licking Ass Like Crazy

Mickey’s powerful tongue has finally found a well-suited apartment ?? some stud’s asshole! This blonde chick’s gonna be cleaning a sensitive buttcrack, after all! At first, she was bitchy about licking us, but just a quick flash of cold cash and she’s at it like a hungered slut! We told her she’ll have a feeling of accomplishment when she’s done with the ass-licking. Watch her grind that tongue on our mate’s shitter like there’s no tomorrow! Yeah she’s got a beatiful face, but it just ended up between a man’s buttcheeks, licking its hole all throughout.

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Posted: 20:18, 2010-Jan-6
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Sassy Girlfriends Take The Pleasure Down Their Buttholes

Lick that which that must be licked! These two girls get their high by leaking the assholes of their girlfriends! Cassandra and Betty got together in this episode to show everyone their undying love for the butthole. Of course, we just had to threw a hard-cock stud to make their assholes a bit wider. All hell broke lose in this episode as these two dirty sluts stuffed their lickers between each other’s buttcracks, taking turns getting them pulverized by that meaty schlong. Their tongues surely hit the spot, as they almost didn’t stop licking those shitters. They made their asses more slippery, amazing enough for some anal plunging that came after!

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Posted: 18:48, 2010-Jan-5
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